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The core of the risk management system is the “Own Risk and Solvency Assessment” and “Fins LLC” has developed the “ORSA TOOLKIT” system, which includes the most appropriate and sufficient methods and techniques, in accordance with the “Guidelines for Insurers to Assess Their Risk and Solvency” approved by the Commission.

The core of the insurance business is based on mathematics, which includes law of large numbers, probability theory and statistics. Our experienced professionals and consultants provide advice on insurance company’s premium calculations, all types of reserve fund calculations, data quality, and regulatory reporting.

An employee's lump-sum retirement benefit is included in IAS 19 Employee Benefit Standard's Post-Employment Benefit program and required actuarial calculation because it is expected to last for decades. Our team with many years of experience, specializing in actuarial calculations, performs actuarial calculations of employee’s benefits.

Other services

We work with “Finn Brokers LLC”, an insurance and reinsurance brokerage firm, to place variety of property, casualty, financial, health and accident risks to the international reinsurance market that have been identified as need to be transferred as a result of risk management by insurance companies. We provide risk management advice to entities and place all types of property, casualty, health, accident and financial risks to the domestic and internatinoal insurance and reinsurance markets.

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The training seminar of our partner "Fins Brokers LLC" provides international knowledge to local companies and installs the service know-how not only in the service area, but also in other necessary departments of the company.

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Why choose us
Professional partner with highest ethical standard

We avoid businesses with conflict of interest, breaches of law and ethics.

Solutions that are tailored to business characteristics

We offer flexible solutions that meet future potential, market demand and your business characteristics.

Cross industry knowledge and skill

We are team of creative professionals from business and IT industries with common interest of continued professional development.

Multinational powerful partnership

Strong partnership with mutual development interest and exchange of skills and knowledge across countries.